Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.

Secure One-Time Passwords

Secure Password ManagerSecure One-Time Passwords enables any user with an ID Control USB Token, whether at home, traveling or mobile, to generate a One-Time Password and logon securely. Users can connect to the business network anytime, anywhere, but also are able to digitally sign documents, remember multiple passwords or encrypt data. ID Control USB Token authentication is the solution which provides highly flexible one-time password capabilities, and secure portable credential storage in one single USB Token.

Secure logon
Simple solution for secure remote access with strong authentication. A secure and convenient OTP token, based on flash chip technology and PIN protected which enables any user to logon securely.

The ID Control USB Token offers the following modules for strong authentication to:

  • VPN (f.e. Juniper, ISA Server, Cisco, OpenVPN and Astaro);






  • Other network resources, applications and services.

Technical specifications:

  • OATH compliant algorithms, which is an OTP open standard, providing compatibility with 3rd party software.


  • Event based or time based OTP;


  • Passcode length (numeric): 6-8 digits;


  • PIN protecton before selecting the ID Control OTP Generator;
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible;

Buy ID Control USB Token

ID Control USB Token with the security features:

  • Digital Certificates Vault
  • File and Disk Encryption
  • Applicaton Virtualization
  • Password management
  • Favorites management

Price: 49,00 Euros


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