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JSN Epic Logo
JSN Epic Logo

The logo JSN Epic is default sample logo and you are free to replace with your own. The logo image file is called logo.png and located in folder joomla_root_folder/templates/jsn_epic_pro/ There are 3 stages involved in changing the default logo to your own:

Stage 1: Prepare your own logo image file

First, you need to prepare your own logo image file in some graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks. We recommend you to save your logo in format PNG-8, but you can use any other as well. Don’t forget to give some white margin space around the logo. Also you need remember logo’s width/height dimension to set them up in template parameters later.

The included JSN Epic logo source file logo.psd can be perfect starting point.

Stage 2: Upload logo image file to your server

Once your logo file is ready, it’s time to upload it to your server. You can upload it to any folder under your Joomla! root folder by using standard Joomla! Media Manager or by FTP client.

Stage 3: Setup template parameter to use new logo

If you uploaded your logo to template's images folder overwriting the original file, then you don't need to do anything thing additionally. Otherwise you need to setup JSN Epic PRO to apply your new logo.

  1. Go to template manager by menu Extensions -> Template Manager.
  2. Click on template name JSN_Epic_PRO.
  3. Here in the Template Edit page you will see the list of template parameters in section Parameters. You need to configure following parameters:
    • Logo Path

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