Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.

Secure File and Disk Encryption

Secure File and Disk EncryptionMobile computing is becoming the norm with sensitive information being taken on trips, retrieved and updated on the road. Enterprise networks are expanding to include remote users with corporate data being held on network servers. Companies need security solutions that provide maximum protection when hardware is lost, or to deny easy viewing or retrieval of highly sensitive corporate data. File encryption products can encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files. Two-factor authentication, such as ID Control's USB Token with the File and Disk software module provides file and disk encryption products with proof of who you are.

Protecting the private information on your computer should be high on your organziation's list of priorities. Most companies cannot afford to have their computers compromised, along with customer, supplier, accounting and employee information. That’s why you can put encryption Software on guard for your company.

Using a complex series of software coding, File Encryption Software takes the data of a file or map that is produced on your secure computer system and turns it into information that isn’t readable to the average person. It would literally take an encryption expert to even try and take a crack at most of these cutting edge systems. If your company deals with credit cards, sensitive information like addresses, social security numbers, birth dates and the like, you might want to consider protecting that information from invasion by using Secure Encryption Software. If an attacker gains access to your file system they will be able to download personal/important information if your data is not encrypted.

File and Disk protection is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data--perfect for offices that need to keep important documents secure. File and Disk Protection is like having a security guard standing out for you and watching over your sensitive files. You can password protect certain files very quickly.

File Encryption adds a authentication by ID Control USB Token entry to your specified files and folders. To encrypt or decrypt files/folder, simply click on the files/folder and select Encrypt or Decrypt command. File Protection quickly encrypts your files. You are the only one allowed to decrypt them. Even if someone stole your PC or ID Control USB Token they still wouldn’t be able to read your files.

In case you would like to know more about Protect File, do not hesitate to contact us!

Buy ID Control USB Token

ID Control USB Token with the security features:

  • Digital Certificates Vault
  • File and Disk Encryption
  • Applicaton Virtualization
  • Password management
  • Favorites management

Price: 49,00 Euros


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