Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.

Secure Favorites Management

With the ID Control USB Token you can carry all your favorite web pages with you. Just like adding websites to the favorites of the browser, you can keep the websites in the ID Control USB Token with just one click. The difference is you can carry the ID Control USB Token anywhere and use the ID Control USB Token anytime with Secure Favorites Management. The favorites are completely privately and securely stored and when you unplug the token, no personal data is left behind.

Bookmark function
With the bookmark function, user can automatically open the browser and turn to the relevant URL address by which it effectively improves your working efficiency.

Importing websites with multiple browser support
This feature makes it very easy to import the websites saved in the online favorites of the IE or Firefox browser into your Secure Favorites area.

To easily manage in groups
Allows to divide favorite websites into groups for easy control and usage.

Make a backup and restoration of information in Secure Favorites
Enables a backup and restoration of information stored in the Secure Favorites. The unique PIN code mechanism helps to protect your private favorites and defend your online favorite sites against preying eyes.


Buy ID Control USB Token

ID Control USB Token with the security features:

  • Digital Certificates Vault
  • File and Disk Encryption
  • Applicaton Virtualization
  • Password management
  • Favorites management

Price: 49,00 Euros


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